A Handful of Mobile Screen Protection Tips That Not Every Retailer Would Share With You

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Phones are getting bigger and sexier every day, and perhaps they wish to get a bit more care and attention too. There was a time when we were obsessed with phones that used to come with physical keypads and we were least bothered about mobile screen protection. But those grand old ladies have retired to make way for the next-gen smartphones that have at least one thing in common. All these phones come with delicate glass screens, adding a new point of concern for the Smartphone users today. How do you protect your phone screen from possible but unforeseeable damages? Here are some mobile screen protection tips that might work for you.

Use a really good screen protector

Screen Protection Damage

This piece of advice comes as the most obvious, but there’s more to it than you probably thought. With phones evolving every day, mobile screen protection covers have also come a long way. In fact, phone screens are now being custom made for different sets of users. If you use your phone too much in broad daylight, you would probably need an anti-glare screen protector. There are couple of other types of smartphone screen protectors that are immensely helpful in mobile phone screen protection. Here’s a quick list of the types of protectors that exist in the market.

  • Crystal clear screen protectors: The most basic type, this one would just fit the bill if you use your phone mostly indoors.
  • Anti-Glare (AG protectors): Ideal for users who read their screens under direct light. This type of screen guard come in a frosty or matt finish.
  • Privacy Screen Protectors: As the name implies, you can only read your screen when you look at it straight on. No curious peek please.
  • Mirror Screen Protectors: Rather glary, these screens are good for people who use their phone screens as makeshift ‘mirrors’ quite often.

Things to Consider for all-round mobile screen protection

There are retailers in the market who could provide you with laser-cut mobile screen protection covers that are way better than those mass-produced pre-cut covers. There are some companies that sell pre-cut screen covers, but these are super-customized to fit nicely different screen sizes. Some protectors are washable, removable and reusable. Anything you do, do not just go for the screen protectors that come in packs of 10, 20 or 30.

These are often imported screen protectors, bought by shady retailers at dirt cheap wholesale prices. These are, needless to say, not worth your dollars. If you have a doubt as to which mobile phone screen protection cover would be best for your phone, contact a local mobile phone repairing and maintenance shop today.