Five Things to Check before Buying Used Phones

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Used Phones Purchase

There is nothing bad about buying used phones, as long as it serves your purpose and generates value for money. Notwithstanding this, the obscurity that surrounds the purchase of used cell phones is often from the fact that not many people achieve successful results from the venture. But there is no reason the buyer should be depressed with the purchase if a few basic rules are followed. Here is the checklist.

1. Appearance

The first thing that one should try and note in used phones is the appearance of the phone. While we are all after phones that bear the just-out-of-the-box sheen, it is fair to expect some scratches from usage. Check if:

  • The appearance of the phone consorts to its age
  • There are too many scratches on the screen
  • Any hard buttons are broken or dysfunctional

2. Speed

The speed of used phones is one of the major factors that need to be accounted for while buying. In fact, some buyers rate this factor in used phones even above the appearance of the phone. There are several Speed Tests available on the web.

In order to make a smart purchase, make sure that the speed of the used phone is fast enough to facilitate your usual cell phone activities.

3. Specifications

The specifications of used phones might seem arbitrary to some. But experts always suggest that the life expectancy of the phone has a lot to do with the specifications of the phone.

It is very easy to search for cell phone specifications on the web. But it is important to type in the model number correctly

4. Authenticity

Used Phones Purchase

The authenticity of used cell phones is a very important point to note. The market is flooded with stolen devices and buyers must not fall trap to dupes. Ask the seller for the original bill and box of the phone. Check if the bill has the stamp of an authorized store.

Under slightest suspicion, verify the IMEI number of the phone with your nearest police outpost.

5. Price

A savvy buyer will always to pick a used cell phone for the right price. While every seller tries to achieve maximum possible price for the phone, buyers should watch out for the following points that largely determine the price:

  • The age of the cell phone
  • Whether the cell phone is currently in production (if yes, price should be higher)
  • Is the cell phone covered with a warranty?
  • Any external or internal damage that might result in deduction of price