Phone Buying Tips: 10 Essentials You Ought to Know

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Phone Buying Tips

Buying a phone is an exciting beginning. But it is not that simple as it sounds. There are a number of decisions and steps governing the purchase, which includes scrapping the previous one, selecting the best model for oneself, deciding on the budget and getting it all done. Prior to executing the work, here are few phone buying tips and tricks to look for.

Phone buying tips: the smart route

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Here are some essential phone buying tips worth considering:

  1. The best carrier matters! Information about carriers can be found from your friends, neighbors, colleagues and so on. After all, work, travel and life in general go smooth once you have the best coverage.
  2. Your phone’s speaker should be good. In other words, check to see that the voices are loud and clear. Most stores help you with test phones.
  3. A dead phone can actually make you dead! Among the numerous phone buying tips, experts suggest to look for a model that has an extended battery life, something that lasts without having to charge frequently.
  4. Thankfully, most states have made for hands-free kit provisions in cars. In that case, try to look for phones having Bluetooth wireless headsets. No fuss when you don’t need to touch!
  5. Nickel and diming is not a good idea. However, there arise situations when email access, instant messaging or picture messaging are felt, so why not look for such options?
  6. Even when you decide to get a phone online, make sure that you check for the features like screens, speakers and keypads in person. However, keep looking for the best deals from reliable vendors.
  7. Extreme low prices catch the attention of the masses. Invariably, they require buyers to sign for new contracts. To be on the safe, read the fine print and see if you agree to the cause, but if you find yourself a little distracted, resort to ‘no-commitment’ phone and their prepaid services.
  8. For couples and families with several handsets, family plan must always be considered. It is amazing to see how you save more than 50% of your hard earned money in comparison to separate plans.
  9. Check to see you have the right bands when making trips. For example, travelling in rural USA requires analog bands or for those having overseas agenda, world phone with larger bands work well.
  10. It is not necessary that you have to take a liking to your phone. Use it heavily for a week and if you are still unsatisfied, return that and get a new one.

End Note

You can resort to other phone buying tips and ideas to make the best choice among the lot.