What Measures Should You Take to Protect Your Smart Phone?

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protect your smart phone

Are you constantly breaking your new phone screens and needing replacements? There are definitely some solutions for this problem, at least solutions that will help you to have a better chance of not cracking or shattering your screen. However, obviously the number one tip to protect your smart phone from a scratch, break, or shatter would be simply not to drop it! Since we all don’t live a perfect world, and our Iphones and Androids have become an extension of our being – they are bound to get tossed around a bit here and there, or even sometimes put through extreme use. Below are some easy ways to protect a smart phone.


Use a Screen Protector To Protect Your Smart Phone

Screen protectors can be the easiest and cheapest way to help prevent your phone from breaking. Screen protectors act as an extra layer of protection on top of the glass that aids in scratch and dirt prevention as well as absorbing shock when it hits the surface. There are two different types of screen protectors: plastic and tempered glass.


Plastic Screen Protector:

Plastic screen protectors offer the most basic form of protection for your screen. This means that they keep off scratches, dust, debris, etc. while giving your glass some extra support if dropped. These protectors can be easily installed on your own or with the help of a professional that sells it to you – just make sure to keep the air bubbles out for a clean and invisible look!

Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

A tempered glass screen protector is the next level up from a plastic screen protector. Tempered glass will actually absorb extra pressure that is put on the screen when it is dropped or smashed.


Use a Bumper Case To Protect Your Smart Phone

Sometimes, when we drop our phones it lands perfectly flat and the screen doesn’t break. However, in most cases we aren’t that lucky and it hits on one of the sides, where the impact causes a cracked or shattered screen. One way that you can prevent this break is to cover your phone with a bumper case. A bumper case is a heavy duty case that will have more ridges or extra shape on the edges of your phone to help absorb the shock when it is dropped.



All in all, there is no right way to protect your smart phone. However, the more steps that you take to prevent breaks, the better! If you were to combine a tempered glass screen protector with a heavy-duty case such as a bumper case, there will be a much higher chance that you can save your phone.

Have you not taken any of these precautions and already broken your phone? Contact us today and we can help you to fix it.