broken glass and lcd replacement

IPhone Broken Glass & LCD Replacement VA

The larger part of the smartphones and tablets are occupied by LCD screens and those remain covered by glass in order to protect the actual display underneath. However, the glass is not extremely durable and may develop cracks and breaks in the surface if you tend to press the screen too hard or if you have dropped the phone from your hands. Some phones and tablets nowadays come protected with strong glass known as Corning Gorilla Glass but even they are not unbreakable. Therefore, if you have a tablet or a phone that has a broken glass and are having trouble with the usage of the phone due to this, you might have to seek out professional help instead of trying to fix the problem by yourself.

Result-driven Replacements

You should try taking your phone to one of our five Smart Fix stores since we specialize in dealing with broken glass surfaces on devices and can even replacement the LCD if we feel that there is need. We work mainly with iOS products from Apple and so iPhone broken glass repair is simple for us. Our iPhone glass replacement services do not cost a lot of money. In the same way, we help you repair the iPhone broken LCD and charge moderate rates for iPhone LCD replacement.