Three Things to Note When Selling Used Cell Phone

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Used Cell Phone

Unlike most other assets, cell phones can be replaced very often. While the reasons are manifold, buying new cell phones is mostly followed or preceded by selling old ones. If you have been eyeing on the latest flagship launch by companies like Apple, Samsung or LG, you probably also have the selling of your used cell phone at the back of your mind. The cost of the new phone can be easily lowered and you gain an idea about the cell phone market in the process.

Knowledge of phones

By knowledge of phones, the knowledge of the phone resale market is largely implied here. If someone had bought a mid-range phone three years back, they cannot expect the sale to suffice for half of the value of a new high-end phone. Some questions that matter here are:

  • When was the phone bought?
  • Has the phone suffered any damage?
  • How long has it been since the phone was last repaired if at all?
  • Was the phone used my one or more persons?
  • Does the phone suffer any major defect aside regular wear and tear?

It is always safe for the seller to determine the cost of the used cell phone, with answers to these questions.

Present production status

Used Cell Phone

Much like used cars, the selling cost of used cell phones depends vehemently on the present production status of the commodity. If the phone has gone out of production already, it would be wrong to assume a great price for it. But selling used cell phone can be a pleasurable experience if the model is still under production and there are no major defects on the body of the phone.

For people who keep changing their phones often, it is also advisable to sell the used phones while they are still under production. That way, the buyers will have a feeling of buying a quality product that is still under production, for a lower price.


One of the most important thing that phone sellers need to make themselves at home with is the market where they should be selling the phones. One of the most popular notions is to sell used phones at online marketplaces. However, most people complain of these companies trying to lowball their original price quote once the phone is received. It is much more feasible to appraise the value of the cell phone at a physical cell phone store and then sell it.

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